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Life Update: Where am I? What is going on?

Having taken an impromptu trip home for the weekend I decided I really should let everyone know what is going on in both my life and with the blog. Over the last few weeks I have been focused purely on revision and medical school. I have had to; there has been no other space in… Continue reading Life Update: Where am I? What is going on?

Exploring Life

Gaining a community: The Versatile Blogger Award

I am not very good at social media… or being social for that matter. But I have really enjoyed getting into the twitter blogging community since I gave my blog a twitter page. I realised that there are some many great people and blogs out in the universe and I have really enjoyed discovering the… Continue reading Gaining a community: The Versatile Blogger Award

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Lessons from Blogging in 2018

It's been a crazy year for the blog. I went self hosted in a motivational attempt to push on with writing and have moved on from studying a degree in a relatively unhappy mental state to studying my dream medical degree. I’ve learnt a lot about myself; I’ve also learnt a lot about how to… Continue reading Lessons from Blogging in 2018

Medical School

Med School Diaries: Five weeks in…

Week five has been so busy. It’s been the countdown to the end of the block, and the exam that follows it, and a week full of different experiences to the lecture theatres I have been in for days on end. When you add in the dog that came to visit, its been an intense… Continue reading Med School Diaries: Five weeks in…

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Guest Post| The Genesis of my blog – by Nate Johnson

Letters. Those things in the mailbox that aren't thrown in the trash right away. When somebody sits down and put their thoughts down on a piece of paper and ship it off with a forty-nine cent stamp. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate. You can use Snapchat, Facebook, Periscope, even the ancient art of e-mail to name a few. People can use 140 characters or show breakfast with a dozen hashtags and filters. Writing letters seems to be a lost art. They take time and thoughtfulness. When I write someone every other week, I can't put every detail of my life. I have to be selective, not like social media, but in a different way.