Gaining a community: The Versatile Blogger Award

I am not very good at social media… or being social for that matter. But I have really enjoyed getting into the twitter blogging community since I gave my blog a twitter page. I realised that there are some many great people and blogs out in the universe and I have really enjoyed discovering the blogs that are out there and the people behind them. I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and as much as it was a great sign that people do read my blog (much more fulfilling than my blog stats) it was a sign that I was accepted into a great online community; which for someone with my level of social hermit skills – was the real achievement!

The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile-blogger-awardThe versatile blogger award is a peer-nominated award that recognised the dedication to a bloggers website and their quality of content. It’s a great way to allow people to share blogs they love in a chain of group promotion. It’s about sharing the love and hard work that each and every blogger puts into their work, balancing commitments and loosing sleep over their content! 

The rules are fairly simple:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share a link back to their blog
  • List seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Zuri Sophilia Walker for my nomination. I have been working with Zuri recently and I have to say I really love both her blog and her presence on twitter ; her tweets often brighten up my day! Zuri runs the blog Absolutely True Confessions which is a great place to head for blog posts on books, mental health and wellbeing.

Head over to her site and twitter page and show her some love and support as she makes her way into the self hosted world. 


Facts about me

I have tried to include relatively new facts about me… but I forget what I have told people sometimes…

1. Things must colour co-ordinate. I have a minor obsession with things matching… everything in the same place needs to be the same colour. All my bedding and curtains match, my kitchen equipment is all the same colour, and a lot of my clothing is in the same shades – with a few exceptions.

2. I have a massive tea obsession. I feel like most people are aware of this fact but I though I would explain this. I spent much of my early life in Yorkshire, here tea is really part of the culture; I would drink a very diluted cup of tea out of a baby cup as a child and so tea has always been a big part of our family bonding. Even our dog and rabbit love tea. If you leave your tea where Casper can get it he will be in it the moment your back is turned.

3. I have written two ebooks on Amazon! I write these as mini projects when I have a smidgin of spare time. I am a big fan the concept of passive income and these books are a great outlet… and occasionally support my student overdraft!

4. I have Moderate Social Anxiety – I have a massive issue with social situations and often refer to myself as a bit of a hermit. I get really anxious about social situations and will often psych myself out of going. I also struggle to make friends and often make massive social faux pas and don’t realise I am doing it. This is something I really struggle with and am having to actively manage through my medical school journey.

5.  I have broken my elbow twice. Once falling off the climbing Frame playing ‘kiss chase’ aged 7 and once having a fracture dislocation falling off a horse at speed when i was 11. I have had a few broken toes and fractured thumbs as well in my lifetime… most of my injuries have been relatively muscular fortunately.

6. I got my ears pierced at 21. My parents were never really keen on me getting my ears pierced when I was in my early teens and really keen. By the time I got to 16 I didn’t really care anymore so had always left it alone. When I was 21 I went for coffee with some friends and they decided to get another ear piercing… so there I am in a tattoo parlour getting my ears pierced. My mum though I was nuts but life is for living.

7.  My family and I don’t own a TV. We just don’t watch enough of it to warrant it. I spend a lot of time watching shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix, with a lot of Youtube channels in my playlist. Most of these are watched whilst I do revision or get other stuff done. So I never really ever sat down in front of the TV. Its the same for the rest of my family, so we got rid of the TV we never used and never looked back… have to admit I never really noticed it was gone.


My Nominations

As I have said before I have really enjoyed getting into other peoples blogs. There were so many to choose from that I enjoy and all of those people work incredibly hard and deserve recognition for it. However I picked 15 bloggers that I follow and regularly read or bloggers that I’ve recently discovered and need some love from the great blogging community.

1. @itsnotmelony – Melanie runs an ADHD and Mental Health blog that I found really intriguing and engaging. I also love her twitter feed which provides me daily smiles and amusement (

2.  @livinglifepetit – Charlie runs a fashion blog about being short. I really enjoy her fashion tips for how to be short and rock it. (

3. @bexcapades – Bex is a Mental Health, Travel and Book Reviewer. I use her blog section on book reviews to pick a lot of my book choices when I have a second or two to just read. (

4. @hippywildflower – Bettie writes a little bit of anything and everything on her blog The Wildflower Hippie. Its a great place to head to when you are looking for inspiration in life. (

5. @Teaandcakesoul – Jo is a freelance content writer who also writes some amazing blog posts. I mean I love the name too – theres both tea and cake (my two favourite things!). Her blog has posts on everything; UK/USA travel, books, recipes, budgeting, health, being green and so much more. (

6. @maybemissmolly – is another all-round blogger. Who has just branched out into book reviews. She posts honest content which is why I love the reviews she posts. Give her a little peak! ( 

7. @MrsKatieRoman – Katie ruins a mental health awareness blog, exploring and advocating awareness for Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Major Depressive Disorder. Katie is also on her way to becoming a mum! I find her insight into mental health and pregnancy really intriguing. (

8. @mrsnuttallsays – A blog that is never the same from post to post. It’s about being honest and inspired at the time, and sharing great stories with the world. I really enjoy niche-less blogs because its impossible to be bored, you always get a surprise when theres a post. ( 

9. @sophisobel_ – Soph is a blogger who shares my love of gin and cake. I initially followed her on twitter but love her blog for its student life posts. Soph is about to explore the world of food and drink in her first restaurant review. I can’t wait to see her grow in this genre… who knows maybe she will be the next big restaurant reviews blog? (

10. @britonabudget1 – I am well aware of the desire to be debt free and comfortable with my bank account… I really enjoy Brit On A Budget when I am having a financial crisis of confidence. (

11. @elliekblog – Ellie is a Medical Student studying in China. I love her instagram feed and her food recipes. Feed me more Ellie! (

12. @AmberMSocial – Amber is a blogger who looks at Travel, Lifestyle and Social Media Marketing. Though my favourite section of her blog is called ‘How to be an Adult’. She recently expressed her desire to live minimally for a month and I really hope she posts about her experience. ( 

13. @KellyReportBlog – Kelly writes about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel, but also has a love of aviation. I am only just getting into her blog but am really enjoying the few posts I have read. ( 

14. @room1064theblog – This is a newbie blog I am really digging. Excited to see where they go with this blog but am loving their interiors section and all the Ikea hacks that sound like are coming my way! (

15. @KimmiiBlogs – I love catching newbie bloggers before their big break. I am really excited about where this blog is going in the next few years. I am also really intrigued about the novel that is being written.  Her first post was honest and inspiring, she is definitely going to be a great writer. (

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