Where are we growing? | Three years of abigailgrows

I’ve become more philosophical lately, If you can’t tell from my recent blog post thoughts at 23. I wondered if it was because of the rollercoaster that my life has been for the last few months. But in order to deal with the burnout and prevent damage to my mental wellbeing I have been going through everything and making space in my bandwidth.

Part of this has been deciding what to do with abigailgrows. It’s been four years since I started the blog and it really has grown up with me. It got to the point where I was really struggling with what to do with it this year. I have seen a lot of bloggers take breaks from blogging/ social media or stop altogether. It really made me think hard about whether it was time to give up abigailgrows. Deep down I think I would know if it was time to stop blogging and I don’t think I was ready to give it up. I think I was stalled because it had plateaued and I was looking where to go next…

I took some time away from the blog and only posted once last month. I took the pressure off writing the blog and I really saw the difference in my content… and the views proved it. I had the chance to think about what I wanted and what I enjoy about blogging. Having hot chocolate with one of my medic / blogger friends we got to chat about this feeling and deciding what could make me enjoy blogging again and keeping the pressure away. It made me realise how much blogging really is cathartic; not only to I enjoy doing it and the interaction it gives me but it really helps with my mental health, when I do it properly.

So as abigailgrows truly matures in online years I am really feeling established in my understanding of how blogging helps me. I am finally getting back into grips with writing my content again and have found some new inspiration to keep me motivation.

Coming up is some new content about minimalism, MedSchoolDiaries segments are also coming back but more sporadic than they have been before hand. I also have some new medicine based content and some book reviews also making a sporadic appearance. I am diversifying, there’s nothing wrong with that. I have stopped putting myself into boxes and decided that I just want to blog about what I enjoy, what is good for my self care and how I get through I busy and stressful life.

abigailgrows is growing, can you keep up?


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