Life Update: Where am I? What is going on?

Having taken an impromptu trip home for the weekend I decided I really should let everyone know what is going on in both my life and with the blog. Over the last few weeks I have been focused purely on revision and medical school. I have had to; there has been no other space in my bandwidth to cope with anything else. With this week signalling the end of exams I have finally had the chance to think about something other than medical school, and so it’s time to get back to blogging!

Abigailgrows is back in action with a brand new blogging schedule, two posts a week from now on.
Monday and Thursdays you will be finding new content on the site.

Hoping to surprise you all with some adventures, some medicine based content, minimalism content and some baking delights to keep you all entertain over what looks like a rainy summer to come.

Thank you all for sticking by me and hopefully I can reward you with some exciting new content. See you Monday!



2 thoughts on “Life Update: Where am I? What is going on?

  1. I hope all is going well at medical school.
    Enjoy getting back to a bit of blogging.

  2. Thank you! I’m really excited about it, sometimes taking a break is the greatest motivation once your back at it.

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