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Celebrating 22: Time with Family and Dinner outdoors

I had a great time celebrating my 22nd birthday yesterday. Took my study day as a cheeky opportunity to head home for the day to celebrate with the family. I am really glad I did as I had a lovely relaxed day with the family, especially since its half term so my sister’s are home.… Continue reading Celebrating 22: Time with Family and Dinner outdoors

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Why I have begun Journalling

I have begun journalling recently after reading multiple pieces of research into the positive effects it can have on both your wellbeing and your learning. After struggling mentally with the last term of medical school and struggling to find the right people to talk to, I’ve decided to invest in some cheap therapy… journalling.  A… Continue reading Why I have begun Journalling

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Med School Diaries | 1 Block down, 4 to go…

It’s hard to believe that I am a fifth of the way though my first year of medical school. The amount of work and effort in order to stay afloat has been a real shock, but the motivation to succeed is the real reason we get through it. The week itself has been fairly reduced… Continue reading Med School Diaries | 1 Block down, 4 to go…

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Med School Diaries: Five weeks in…

Week five has been so busy. It’s been the countdown to the end of the block, and the exam that follows it, and a week full of different experiences to the lecture theatres I have been in for days on end. When you add in the dog that came to visit, its been an intense… Continue reading Med School Diaries: Five weeks in…

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Med School Week 4: Sometimes you just need a cuddle.

The last week of med school was hard, and not in the way i expected it to be. I was expecting the week to be a busy mess of balancing uni lectures with finally getting grip on the block 1 revision. Unfortunately, last week turned into a mess of emotions and the realisation that i… Continue reading Med School Week 4: Sometimes you just need a cuddle.

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Medical School Week 3…. i think

I can't believe week three is finally over. It feels like i have been there for months. This feeling is probably due to the amount of information being crammed into my brain in such a short space of time. I have to say i am finally setting in and getting to grips with the day… Continue reading Medical School Week 3…. i think

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Medical School: Week Two

My second week of medical school is now complete! A heavy week of lectures and information overload, it’s been nice to take the weekend to catch up on work without any more piling up on the to do pile. Fridays as always are definitely an adventure; the early morning 8am lecture is definitely not the… Continue reading Medical School: Week Two

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My First Week of Medical School

My first week of medical school is officially over! It's been a tough week mentally and emotionally. Having to balance the vast input of information with the physical strain my body went under cycling to and from uni every day - definitely a new experience for me. I am happy to finally have gotten started,… Continue reading My First Week of Medical School

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Welcome Home

I've officially moved in to my new house and i am feeling so positive about the whole process. Though i am sad to have left home and my family, this independence has really reaped positive personal changes. The house i've moved into is a short 8 minute drive from the uni, or a twenty minute… Continue reading Welcome Home

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Moving Out, Moving On Up

‘When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.’ Today is moving day! I am officially moving out from home to go to University (take two). Although Uni moves are usually considered temporary; it is unlikely, due to path my career will take, that… Continue reading Moving Out, Moving On Up