Med School Diaries | Back to the Brain.

Coming back over Christmas has been a whirlwind of change, but it has certainly all been for the better. I’ve moved (again!) into new accommodation, this time I’m living on campus as a resident tutor, which means I volunteer to support the students in campus accommodation in return for reduced rent accommodation. I couldn’t be happier with it. Though I’ve been slightly busier then I expected, I have a comfortable and safe space away from the complexities of adult life, and I’ve really been able to get some serious work done. It’s gotten me out of a situation where I was feeling really emotionally fragile and the sleeplessness was stating to effect my uni-work.

Being back also means its the start of block three! Last year I really struggled with block three and it really was the start of my decline for medical school. This time around I’ve felt like I’ve understood a lot more of the concepts and have really managed to keep with the content. I have started doing more drawing and diagrams; taking these abstract concepts and developing simple visionary aids. Combined with taking physiological processes and cutting it down into bullet points that can be easily learnt for exam questions. It was one of my faults last year, trying to learn every word of the explanations instead of focusing on the key words/specific step and allowing my understanding of the concept to fill in the gaps. 

I’ve done my first bedside teaching session of the repeated year and its been really nice getting back into the clinical side of the course again. It helps with the motivation after spending so long confined to the lecture theatre and anatomy labs. It’s a nice change of pace and it’s nice to have a change of venue for my learning. It always gives me the same feeling as going to work does, that motivation to do some more revision.

I have also taken on a role on the Widening Access to Health and Medicine (WHAM) Committee at Warwick. I have recently started co-ordinating a mentorship scheme where we offer support to anyone at the university who is considering graduate medicine. It’s really different having control of my own project and I’ve really enjoyed writing all forms and coming up with the plans to go forward. I’ve been keeping busy and doing something that is really fulfilling is making my 2020 feel really proactive.

With all these new roles I’ve taken on, I am really having to manage my time. I’ve been writing my week out on a whiteboard with all the major tasks on, each day I cross them off. But it’s the minimum I need to accomplish that day. So if I am upset, stressed or overtired after a busy day I can go to bed without feeling the guilt for not working as much as I should have. It’s an interesting technique I am trying to balance work and selfceare which is something I struggled with last year on this block and its worked really well so far.

I am interested to see how well I settle back into block three and how living ten minutes from my lectures will improve my productivity and spending…

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