Medical School

Med School Diaries: Block 2, Week 1

I can’t believe the first week of block two has finished, it has honestly flown by. The amount of information thrown at you in the first week is intense; you feel overwhelmed and any confidence you have often disappears during this week and you spend the next four years to claw it back. I had… Continue reading Med School Diaries: Block 2, Week 1

Medical School

Med School Diaries | 1 Block down, 4 to go…

It’s hard to believe that I am a fifth of the way though my first year of medical school. The amount of work and effort in order to stay afloat has been a real shock, but the motivation to succeed is the real reason we get through it. The week itself has been fairly reduced… Continue reading Med School Diaries | 1 Block down, 4 to go…

Medical School

Medical School: Week Two

My second week of medical school is now complete! A heavy week of lectures and information overload, it’s been nice to take the weekend to catch up on work without any more piling up on the to do pile. Fridays as always are definitely an adventure; the early morning 8am lecture is definitely not the… Continue reading Medical School: Week Two

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The Next Great Adventure!

I can finally let everyone know about the next adventure i will be going on... and bringing you all along on the blog! When i was 16, i had got my GCSE results. I was asked by the careers adviser at my school what i wanted to be when i was older. I wanted to… Continue reading The Next Great Adventure!