Med School Diaries: Uncertainty, Online Classes and Into the Unknown…

We are now in what is techniqually our easter break / revision session, but things are not as they seem. With the outbreak of Coronavirus and the decision to implement social distancing everything descended into a whirlwind of uncertainty.

Classes and teaching were cancelled on Monday with less than an hours notice and we were swiftly pushed into online teaching. The university were quick to inform us that block 5 would all be taught online and that CBL would most likely run online, probably via Microsoft Teams. This is alittle disappointing because last year block 5 was one of my favourite blocks and i really enjoyed the teaching style.

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I was also disappointed that i lost the remainder of my anatomy and clinical teaching, because i have really felt more confident at bedside teaching and in labs. It would have been nice to end the year on a high with a few weeks of good teaching. But i can completely understand why they want us as far away from the hospital unnecessarily.

Friday finally led to a bit of information about exams. They have been prosponed until further notice as they are incrediibly difficult to run online. This is a massively anxiety induciing peice of information as though we have been promised six weeks notice, its a hard state of mind to be in revision mode for so long. Alas this is the decision and the best thing i can do is put myself in a good position to pass the exams when they make an appearance.

I have been using the decision for social distancing by making a positive out of the whole thing. I have started up doing couch to 5k again… might actually make it to 5k this time. My blog and instagram has been recieving alot of self love in the last few days so feel free to follow me over on instagram (cheeky plug there). I’ve finally really organised every part of my flat and i’ve been baking again and refreshing my BSL skills.

442F8499-4215-45D5-ADDF-68DAB31F17C1There is still alot of uncertainty for the next few weeks. I have lost all my work shifts, my parents have lost about four months worth of work in people cancelling events. I have hope though, the university have started the process of medical students applying for roles to help out amid the crisis and i have also volunteered to help out NHS workers with childcare or other issues they may face. It was a big reason in why i’ve made the decision to stay at uni, despite not knowing if i will be going back before August/September. I just felt i could be more useful here, and having a great support network here so felt like i would be able to stay here.

It is hard not knowing what the future hold and when we spend so much time away from people it can be hard to sustain good mental wellbeing. So as per my Instagram post yesterday please remember “social isolating doesn’t stop you socialising”. Go outside, utilise skype, facetime and social media communities. Look after youself, stay inside and save lives.

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