My favourite blog posts of 2020

I’ve been thinking about where my blog is going and what I want to do with my content in 2020. I took a few months away from the blog towards the end of this year, because I hit a bit of a wall with content. Since then, I have taken so time to decide the best way to write my blog content so that it isn’t as sporadic, but isn’t so pressured that it takes the fun out of posting content. 

Whilst thinking about where my blog is going I have been looking at some of my favourite posts on the blog this year and thought I would share them all with you. Below are my five favourite blog posts of 2020, have you read them all?

The Girl with the Hair

I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field. Doing medicine just made sense; the perfect marriage of science and arts, every day being different from the last, and the being a lifetime learner. It was the perfect fit for me. With that decision to move into such a competitive career, I’ve made some observations,…

Dyeing my hair grew my confidence

I was always the safe one. Never really having highlights or layers put in my hair. It used to be a representation of me; simple and not willing to go out of the box. I suppose it also represented my confidence level, unwilling to stand out. Over the last few years I have cut my…

Minimalism and maintaining good mental health

Last month i wrote a blog post about how i had been struggling with my mental health and how i had cleared out my wardrobe to fix it. (Read: I was having a bad mental health day so i cleared out my wardrobe) I got so many comments about how relatable the post was that…

How Minimalists Think Differently

Sometimes I don’t think that people believe that minimalism is a concept greater then just having white furniture and not owning a lot of belongings. Minimalism often goes beyond the concept of physical applications and is grounded more in the unique way that successful minimalists think. They different way they think about life is often…

The Power Behind Diversity in Medicine

The UK has a diverse population. The 2011 census stated there were over 4 million people living in the UK who do not speak English as their mother-tongue or their primary language. 140,000 people were recorded as not speaking English at all. This presents a unique situation for UK medicine, especially when you consider regional…

Reflecting on my favourite and my most popular content has helped me find some new motivation to write again and start creating more content. I am looking forward to seeing where 2021 takes both my blog and myself. What has been your favourite Abigailgrows blog post? What has been your favourite blog post you have seen or written this year? Share below.

2 thoughts on “My favourite blog posts of 2020

  1. Thank you for sharing these, I already see some that look very interesting to me! Always great to get some suggestions from fellow bloggers😁

  2. This is a great idea for a post, I have just finished my top 10 post and it’s a great way to reflect on the year x x

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