Dyeing my hair grew my confidence

I was always the safe one. Never really having highlights or layers put in my hair. It used to be a representation of me; simple and not willing to go out of the box. I suppose it also represented my confidence level, unwilling to stand out. Over the last few years I have cut my hair shorter and then grown it out, but that’s about the extent of the excitement when it came to my hair.

But 2020 has been a really good year for me, surprisingly! The last 6 months, despite lockdown, has really seen me grow in confidence and happiness. Many people say that a new style or colour of hair helps with their confidence or start a new chapter of life. For me it was a new chapter, where I finally felt like I was well on the way to the me I wanted to be. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair with this purple tinge, but never done it. I was too scared to say yes and go for it. So with lockdown in full effect I made the decision to try it out. 

The semi permanent moment

Hey, a girl can’t change immediately; Of course I tried it out with the semi permanent option first! I did it and I loved it. There was an immediate change immediately. I was doing that thing you do with new hair where you just stroke it. But I noticed the next day that I put on a nicer outfit even though I wasn’t leaving the house, sat at my desk and probably had one of the most productive days I’d had in months.

The obvious changes came quickly, but I’ve had friends mention how much they’ve seen a change in me. I’ve started to trust my gut more, and I think that just makes me feel more confident. Making those decisions that just feel, right. Then the hair colour started to wash out, and I had a decision to make.

Going for it

When it came to topping the colour up, I had a decision two make; go permanent or keep going with the semi-permanent jobs. When shopping, I couldn’t make the decision. So I bought a box of both and they sat on my hallway table for about a week, whilst I made a decision. Eventually, I just thought, who am I scared of, it’s my hair! Opened up the permanent box and got a friend to help me make sure it was even! As soon as it was done, I smiled. That smile didn’t go away for days and I knew I’d made the right decision.

“Who am I scared of, it’s my hair!”

The weeks that followed have really been strange, people say that a new hairstyle can help you find a better image of yourself. And I really do feel like myself, classic and simple style but with a little hint of excitement with the purple in the bottom of my hair. Most people don’t notice it until it gets caught in the sunlight and I’ve had loads of confidence. I’ve changed how I look at myself and I really think it’s made people look at me differently too. It’s where the start of the confidence boost came from, I put effort into my outfit and I loved it. I took a few pictures and I loved them; my confidence grew and grew!

I’ve realised that the root of confidence, is self respect. Having that leads to a circle that only works to boosts your confidence. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen nothing but positivity come from the change. And that box of semi permanent… went home to my family and both my sisters have a pink/purple dip dye that will wash out bore they go back to school!

I’m empowered

I feel empowered, not only by the hair. The hair colour was a conduit for all the changes I’ve made.  The effort into my outfits, the ability to feel confident looking in the mirror and all the pictures! I’ve hated having my picture taken, now I am really enjoying the feeling. The compliments are helping, and it’s making me say yes to decisions that I would have been too scared to go for and really helped keep me in a positive mindset.

With the hair came positive life changes. I’ve taken better control of all the projects i’ve got going on and made those lifestyle changes I’ve promised to make through all of lockdown. I know that this euphoric boost to my confidence won’t last forever, so making those decisions and changes to what I am eating, drinking and doing every day.

Whilst I am not advising everyone to dye their hair bright colours. I’m sharing how I made one controllable change and that boosted all the things I couldn’t control and now I am reaping the rewards. Focusing on what you can change and making the most of those changes will help change those uncontrollable problems, you just won’t realise it!

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6 thoughts on “Dyeing my hair grew my confidence

  1. It’s amazing how much a change of hairstyle or colour can impact your emotional and mental health, isn’t it? I always feel most like myself when I am rocking a fresh colour – something that I haven’t done in a while now… I keep excusing away my fading hair due to the fact that I’m not seeing people while stuck at home during lockdown. That being said, I think I’m going to go ahead and do it just for me this weekend!

  2. I love dying my hair, it always makes me feel fresh and a bit more confident! I’m glad it made you feel empowered!

  3. Abigail your hair looks great! I agree with you, making decisions can lead to confidence. Even if the decision doesn’t work out the way we wanted, we can learn from it and build our strengths. Nice job!

  4. I remember the first time I colored my hair a few years ago a bright purple. I felt so confident in myself. Since then I keep coloring my hair. I believe that coloring my hair bright colors helped me become for confident with my artistic side of myself. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Good story. Do what you always want to do while you still can. I am happy for you. Your hair looks awesome!

  6. Yess! When I get highlights I feel so much better. I have brown hair which tends to look grayish ashy & I love lightening it sometimes

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