What I have learnt from a month of minimalism

Making the decision to embody the theory of minimalism just over a month ago has been a major adventure. I've learnt plenty about myself and the ideals other people have that i don't want to take part in. There has definitely been a sharp learning curve, and everything I have taken from the exercise of… Continue reading What I have learnt from a month of minimalism

Exploring Life

Life Explorer

“If you’re not exploring life, if you aren’t looking for yourself, if you’re not finding many different things you love, what are you doing?” I want to be a life explorer, I don’t want to be held back by my ability to say no to things that scare me. I am determined as I begin… Continue reading Life Explorer

12 Days of Reflection, Exploring Life

12 Days of Reflection: Day 12 – Weakness

As this post comes live i am in the middle of an interview that could change my life. I can't go into specifics... yet... but what i can say is that it has given me the chance to reflect on something you often try not to think about, weakness. Weakness for me is being vulnerable;… Continue reading 12 Days of Reflection: Day 12 – Weakness