Life Explorer

“If you’re not exploring life, if you aren’t looking for yourself, if you’re not finding many different things you love, what are you doing?”

I want to be a life explorer, I don’t want to be held back by my ability to say no to things that scare me. I am determined as I begin the new chapter of my life that I will always say yes and do what terrifies me. That way I know I will live with no regrets. I recently followed a youtube channel called Yes Theory, though i’m definitely not crazy enough to live life the way they do, I am certainly capable for embracing what they teach and reaping the rewards.

“Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment. Say ‘YES’ to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.” – Eckhart Tate

I think in today’s generation there is a massive fear of failure within society. I’ve prevented myself from doing many things due to the persistent believe I may or will fail. Now, I am more determined then ever to make life ultimately worth it; to complete my bucket list and live by core aims to achive my month by month goals.

The core aims of life;

  • learn as much as I can
  • never say ‘no’ to new experiences
  • go out of my way to do amazing things
  • Create my own opportunities
  • Do what you love

These life experiences don’t have to be amazing or crazy in design. You can go from eating in a country pub to dining at Claridages. Finding secret treasures locally to taking part in community events. Simple things like varying your routine can make the ordinary extradorinaiy; walking the dog a new route, or taking a different route to work. Making simple changes like this can allow you to discover something new, or learn something about yourself. It also provides you with the confidence that you can escape he monotony of the routine and that provide you with a base to try new things that would usually scare you.

I’ve pushed myself to contact people over phone rather than email, something that makes me uncomfortable and scares me, and the success it has shown in the last few days has definitely reassured me that making small social mistakes whilst on the phone aren’t detrimental. They make you human, and provide the person you are calling with an clear message that you are making an effort. Its paid of for me the last few phone calls, I’ve gotten much more achieved.

The next few months are a pile of new experiences and changes to routine. Honestly, i can finally say that am looking forward to the newness of it all; despite the fact that this scares me, i am also excited. After all, its a great adventure and the perfect way to learn something new.

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