The Next Great Adventure!

I can finally let everyone know about the next adventure i will be going on… and bringing you all along on the blog!

When i was 16, i had got my GCSE results. I was asked by the careers adviser at my school what i wanted to be when i was older. I wanted to be a doctor, I’ve known it since i was a child that that was what i wanted to do. I wanted to help people when they were unwell and try to make them better. Being told for many years by teachers that i wouldn’t get into medical school. I gave up on the idea, believing i wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t until mid way through my second year of university that that opinion of becoming a doctor made an appearance again. My personal tutor asked me what i wanted to do after my degree. I couldn’t answer him.

He finally got me to admit medicine was something i always wanted to do, but after many years of self doubt i just wasn’t confident enough in myself. I finally got the guts to admit to myself i wanted to try. I took my entrance exam in Brighton… 83 miles away from where i live. Told no one and didn’t tell anyone i had applied until i had an interview.

CongratsI am so excited to finally tell everyone that i am going to be a student at Warwick Medical School studying Graduate Medicine!

I start at the end of September and i am super excited to move into my new house and begin my new journey. I can’t wait to take you all along. I am hoping to post some posts about applying to graduate medicine and work experience. Along with telling everyone everything i have learn’t, and the mistakes that i make.

In medical school, it’s quite possible to get taught that you can diagnose everybody and treat everything. But then you get out in the real world and find that for most patients walking through your door, you have no idea what’s causing their symptoms. – Barry Marshal

1 thought on “The Next Great Adventure!

  1. Good luck 🙂 It’s a marathon not a sprint. Work hard and you will achieve great things.

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