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The Next Great Adventure!

I can finally let everyone know about the next adventure i will be going on... and bringing you all along on the blog! When i was 16, i had got my GCSE results. I was asked by the careers adviser at my school what i wanted to be when i was older. I wanted to… Continue reading The Next Great Adventure!


When the drugs don’t work…

I've just finished the most intriguing read; a welcome break from the revision stress, but a thought  provoking one non the less. The Drugs Don't Work, by Professor Dame Sally C. Davies is a thought provoking yet blunt incite into whats going to happen in the next 30 years as our antibiotics stop working. There… Continue reading When the drugs don’t work…

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NHS Cyber Attacks: why did no one listen?

The NHS cyber attacks crippled the systems yesterday and some health trusts are still affected. Yet the government has received not one but two warnings about the network systems susceptibility to attack. An EU funded SIRENS (Securing internet routing: Economics vs. network security) Project was published four days before stating that the border gateway protocol… Continue reading NHS Cyber Attacks: why did no one listen?