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Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

One of the first steps when deciding to become a doctor is picking your medical school. I picked my four choices with two being my preferred options, Warwick was my top choice. There were many reasons why I picked Warwick as my home for the next four years most are outlined below:   Postgraduate Only… Continue reading Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

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Meeting Others: Charlotte Ba Musical Theatre, Bucks New University

My name is Charlotte. I’m just your average 22 year old girl with a fairly casual job and a graduate degree with no idea of how to use it. I started studying BA (Hons) Musical Theatre at Bucks New University in 2014, well, technically Amersham & Wycombe College with Bucks New University accrediting it. It’s… Continue reading Meeting Others: Charlotte Ba Musical Theatre, Bucks New University

Undergraduate Degree

Why do i commute?

There is definitely an art to commuting, whether it is for work or Uni. Its unpredicatable and constantly changing. Its definitely something thats hard to do as a student, your 9am lectures mean you share the train with corporate commuters and late nights in the library have to revolve around train times. I commute because… Continue reading Why do i commute?

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Recovering from Rejection

Going through life you are going to meet a lot of rejection. Its how you handle this rejection that determines how you grow and how you succeed. As the results of my graduate applications begin to trickle in, its about time to start preparing for rejection and how i plan to grow from it. “Every… Continue reading Recovering from Rejection

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Blind Date with a Book

Kleptomaniac Cunning Heroine Suspense Thriller England That was all i got when i picked my recent book, via Blind Date with a Book. This book turned out to be Marnie by Winston Graham. Winston Graham is also the author of the famous Poldark series, and Marnie was no less of a hit, becoming a Hitchcock… Continue reading Blind Date with a Book

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A short rambling post…

The last few days have been chaotic: i’ve spent them cramming information into my brain for both my neuroscience exam yesterday and my interview tomorrow. Its funny how you think you have so much time to balance and complete work before time flies and suddenly its the day. I have, over the last few years,… Continue reading A short rambling post…

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Short: When you reach that revision limit…

I've reached my revision limit; which is probably not a good thing three days before my neuroscience exam. There is something about revision that means you eventually get so fed up of it that you actually can't take it. Not saying that i don't enjoy neuroscience, its been an interesting and intellectually challenging module; it… Continue reading Short: When you reach that revision limit…

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Just a late night post about late night revision…

People revise in different ways, but for many students late nights are the time they really shine. For me I prefer late nights, its often quieter at home, but it can also has its drawbacks. The pro’s for me are definitely the peace and quiet. Most of my house goes to sleep at 8:30ish so… Continue reading Just a late night post about late night revision…

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12 Days of Reflection: Day 12 – Weakness

As this post comes live i am in the middle of an interview that could change my life. I can't go into specifics... yet... but what i can say is that it has given me the chance to reflect on something you often try not to think about, weakness. Weakness for me is being vulnerable;… Continue reading 12 Days of Reflection: Day 12 – Weakness