A short rambling post…

The last few days have been chaotic: i’ve spent them cramming information into my brain for both my neuroscience exam yesterday and my interview tomorrow. Its funny how you think you have so much time to balance and complete work before time flies and suddenly its the day. I have, over the last few years, gotten over my habit of cramming for an exam. However I always end up still going over information the night before. I find it amusing how it goes along those lines, I think its a habit created to hide my nervousness about taking exams.

Over the years I have come across, or has forced at me, numerous methods for revising for an exam. From colours, to que cards and condensing. I’ve never quite been able to find the right method and have started to combine the range of methods into some convoluted mashup of revision. Its ironically like cramming. Throwing as much information at my head in as many ways possible in the hope that my brain absorbs at least something.

Often enough it works for the short term, I remember enough to get through the exam but often dont retain the information for longer than a few weeks at best. So I am spending the evening rereading the information about my interview location, the style and any other possible answers for questions they could throw at me.

Its just a short rambling post this time around, there has been a lot of revision going on and therefore nothing to interesting for me to blog about. Hopefully that will improve in the next few days and I can let you into some interesting things i’ve gotten upto.

Abigail, x

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