Why do i commute?

There is definitely an art to commuting, whether it is for work or Uni. Its unpredicatable and constantly changing. Its definitely something thats hard to do as a student, your 9am lectures mean you share the train with corporate commuters and late nights in the library have to revolve around train times.

I commute because its saves me money vs. living in London. It also allows me to be at home with my sisters plenty often. The last few years have taught me a few tips on commuting. The first being the importance of a railcard; it saves me so much money i definitely couldn’t afford to commute and have fun if i didn’t do both.

I also travel off peak at every chance i get, further discounts and the trains are quieter meaning i get the chance to sit on a seat and do some studying.

There are also a large number of downsides to commuting; the travelling takes just over an hour which means 9am lectures results in 7;30am trains which hurts on a Monday morning. Commuting makes it hard to keep up with friends or having to plan travel times when discussing meeting up.

People ask me a lot why i commute to London for uni; it’s definitely a personal opinion and doesn’t suit everyone. I decided to do it because of money mainly; there was no way i would have been able to afford to live in London and the age of my sisters meant i wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. Its not something i regret, I’m not much of one for the university nights out and i could never understand the thrill behind it. So commuting meant i could stay in a familiar environment whilst developing myself into someone who is not to scared to leave her normal environment.

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