Reaching that point

You know you’re mentally and physically done with something when no amount of sleep or chocolate can make you feel better. Sometimes a good old cry is all you need.

I’ve had a few of these situations in the last few weeks, where i’ve been pushed to the limit and had to fight so hard to get back to normalcy. Its been a successful feat so far, but is getting harder and harder to achieve, especially as the triggers are the same and nothing is changing.

Last night was one of the worst moments for me; that moment something so insignificant makes the walls being used to hold everything together crumble into sand. You consider just giving up and residing yourself to the failure and unhappiness that follows.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of loving people, that brought me back from the brink and held me together when I couldn’t do it myself. I am finally back to a stage in my life where I feel able to be myself and inevitably get back into blogging more.

This is just a short little post to say thank you, and to remind myself and others that this is a common thing for people in life, and that you can recover and be successful. Lean on and love the people around you and look after them when they need it too.

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