Quotes To Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

I love quotes, I am tweet them a lot, use them in blog posts and write them in my planner to define my weeks aims. I find them extremely useful for providing a motivation to achieve something; they provide proof that people do understand what you are going through and that people have succeeded where… Continue reading Quotes To Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

Medical School

Med School Diaries | In sickness and In health

It’s been another busy week of med school. It seems like they are intent on cramming as much into the final few weeks of term as possible. Last week was a packed week of community placements and hospital inductions which when combined with being massively unwell was not a week I’ve enjoyed. My community placement… Continue reading Med School Diaries | In sickness and In health

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August Blog Goals

August!!! It's August already, i can't believe how fast time flies when your working really hard and trying to get as much done as possible in so little time. While august is my last month of summer before everything starts to get chaotic, i am determined to make the most of this month and not… Continue reading August Blog Goals


Living in boxes – a few days in

There's something quite liberating about living with only the stuff you need. My clear out got rid of over two boxes worth of clothing, books and general rubbish I had been hoarding out of a sense of necessity. After I had cleaned out my stuff, I packed everything else away in boxes. In the two… Continue reading Living in boxes – a few days in


Minimising my Bucket List

The concept of minimalism is defined by the principle of removing unnecessarily things from your life. I’ve taken the concept quite literally, and I’ve started looking into aspects of things that I want to do; I focused in on my Bucket List quite quickly; realizing that a lot of things on my bucket list were… Continue reading Minimising my Bucket List

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The first step to minimalism – The plan

Making a large lifestyle change is daunting and is definitely a major decision to make. That decision is often the hardest step in embracing a minimalist lifestyle, because you are making a commitment to get rid of items and having to be very hard on yourself to do this. If you aren’t 100% committed you… Continue reading The first step to minimalism – The plan

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Note to self: Essays Suck

You have to love what your writing about, you have to believe in what you're writing and enjoy taking the time to do it. Its why i often take breaks from blogging. You start writing posts for the sake of post writing and the quality drops, followed by the motivation. It works the same way… Continue reading Note to self: Essays Suck

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Short: When you reach that revision limit…

I've reached my revision limit; which is probably not a good thing three days before my neuroscience exam. There is something about revision that means you eventually get so fed up of it that you actually can't take it. Not saying that i don't enjoy neuroscience, its been an interesting and intellectually challenging module; it… Continue reading Short: When you reach that revision limit…

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Coffee Shop Confessions

It seems ironic really that I frequent coffee shops when I don't drink coffee... But with alternative music, coffee and expensive food; there is no better way to read a book than the corner booth of a coffee shop. Drinking a coffee, or in my case alternating between tea and hot chocolate, can often be more productive than your are at home...