Minimalism Relapse

In todays society with social media showing success means owning plenty of stuff, relapsing into hoarding unnecessary belongings is inevitable. Sometimes, you simply need new things and so you have to buy stuff, its when you forget to clear out the stuff you stop using when the clutter begins; more so when life starts getting… Continue reading Minimalism Relapse


Living Minimally | Not Just a Clean House

Minimalism focuses on only owning things you need, not accumulating waste and reducing clutter. But the principles of minimalism also apply to how you live your life. I recently posted about how medical school was a real struggle on my wellbeing and general happiness. During this time, I realized I had to make some life… Continue reading Living Minimally | Not Just a Clean House


What I have learnt from a month of minimalism

Making the decision to embody the theory of minimalism just over a month ago has been a major adventure. I've learnt plenty about myself and the ideals other people have that i don't want to take part in. There has definitely been a sharp learning curve, and everything I have taken from the exercise of… Continue reading What I have learnt from a month of minimalism


Minimalist Bloggers I Love

When i first became interested in the theory of minimalism and the way you can develop your lifestyle i did a lot of research to determine if it was the right choice for me. There is an amazing amount of information about minimalism around. I got interested and inspired to adopt a minimalism and clean lifestyle thanks to a number of bloggers and YouTubers. Here is my list of minimalist bloggers that truly inspired me and why:

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The first step to minimalism – The plan

Making a large lifestyle change is daunting and is definitely a major decision to make. That decision is often the hardest step in embracing a minimalist lifestyle, because you are making a commitment to get rid of items and having to be very hard on yourself to do this. If you aren’t 100% committed you… Continue reading The first step to minimalism – The plan