Minimalist Bloggers I Love

When i first became interested in the theory of minimalism and the way you can develop your lifestyle i did a lot of research to determine if it was the right choice for me. There is an amazing amount of information about minimalism around. I got interested and inspired to adopt a minimalism and clean lifestyle thanks to a number of bloggers and YouTubers. Here is my list of minimalist bloggers that truly inspired me and why:

The Minimalists

The minimalists are highly successful pair who have gone from blogging to successful books, podcasts and even a documentary. There 21 days to minimalism has inspired both my transition and many others and helped to define what it is to live minimalist. Their podcast focuses on what its like to live a meaningful life and how to make the most of everything you do.


Becoming Minimalist

A blog that began as a families journey to minimalism, it’s now become a source of inspiration for many minimalists. It’s great starting post allows you to navigate easily through the blog and find the posts most helpful for your journey.

becoming minimalist

Minimalist Baker

Dana is the creative mind behind the minimalist baker, delivering recipes that have less than 10 ingredients, take 1 bowl and 30 minutes to bake. These plant based recipes go live every three days and are the perfect way of putting minimalism into your meals.



Lavendaire whilst not necessarily a minimalist blogger advocates the idea of living your dream life, though journaling positivity and more. Her videos are a great way of embracing productivity and journaling as a method of keeping motivated and inspired.


Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust is a minimalist and lifestyle blogger. I love her home tour and her story about embracing healthy habits. She shares tips for living minimally and storage solution as well as tips and tricks behind her amazingly healthy life and body.

Rachel Aust

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