Minimalism Relapse

In todays society with social media showing success means owning plenty of stuff, relapsing into hoarding unnecessary belongings is inevitable. Sometimes, you simply need new things and so you have to buy stuff, its when you forget to clear out the stuff you stop using when the clutter begins; more so when life starts getting hectic. 

Having recently had a massive relapse in my quest to maintain minimalism I can honestly, pushing yourself back into action with minimalism is a great mechanism to getting your life back on track.

It is always the simple that produces the marvellous – Amelia Barr

My relapse was due to life getting too much for me. I resorted to my old way of life which was buying things to make me feel better… and it did for a short time. Now, I am short on money and surrounded with stuff that I don’t really need. The clutter just brought me down; making it harder to clean my room and the cluttered mindset left me spiralling out of the great mindset I had developed with minimalism.

I took me a few weeks to truly see what mindset I had dug myself into. I am slowly but surely beginning to make those positive changes to clean out my life and really get back into that mindset. Its started with a wardrobe clean out… I’ve had to buy some more clothes to suit the increased time in the hospital for teaching but also haven’t had a clear out to get rid of the clothes I no longer wear anymore.

I think allowing yourself to relapse into the world of stuff is okay. Being afraid of doing so means you don’t enjoy life and you become fearful of buying something you love or things you need to make your life easier. I think this relapse into the world of stuff has shown me that buying things is basically a plaster to cover the wounds when life sucks. But it doesn’t heal them… and sooner or later you can’t keep them closed anymore.

Stuff cannot solve your life problems… but waking up to a clean airy room with your clothes out to start the day can really help when your mind is telling you “not today…”

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