Clear space, clear mind, clear success

My biggest flaw with getting down to work is finding a clear space to get down to the hard stuff. Blogging, studying and even getting creative require a small amount of compartmentalisation. You have to be able to put your worries or family drama into a box and not worry about them until you have achieved the workload you need to achieve. Maybe that’s been a contributing factor into my recent writers block and why finding a new productive space has really helped me get back on track.

IMG_5683Many years ago I was told at a revision seminar, that having a clear workspace is a direct connection to how your mind will be whilst doing that work. If the space is messy, your thoughts will be cluttered and your focus poor. Equally if your workspace is duel purpose, your workspace and your makeup station, then you will often find your thoughts wandering; items in your line of site will trigger memories or tasks to complete and aid in your procrastination.

Being back home for a while has lead me to finding both a new workspace, and exploring how minimalism as a concept in practise, actually helps reduce the cluttered feeling you have in your mind and empties out the useless things you don’t have to worry about. I am worrying about things I need to worry about and not stressing about stuff to waste my time.

img_9137.jpgThis is my new home work space, (and boy am I planning some great things!) I love how clean, bright and empty it is. I’ve been sitting on the floor which I’ve found strangely comfortable and seems to have increased my productivity compared to sitting behind a desk. I’ve been sat behind a desk most days since I was 5 years old, it gets old and develops such a negative mindset that sometimes you need to spruce it up. I combine this workspace with late night inspiration in bed (where this post was written on a warm summer night) to the occasional blog power party with a blogging friend at cafes in our area.

When finding that clear workspace you need to consider many things, the most important being avoiding procrastination as much as you can. Simple ways of doing this include removing distractors on your desk and even limiting your view line by staying away from windows and ensure the wall next to you is blank or minimally decorated.IMG_2427

Also keep the space bright, brightness breeds happiness which is always a key to successful work (unless your a night owl in which case turn off all the lights), light spaces always have positive vibes and that’s something you need when trying to be creative and pushing through to complete something you are struggling with.

Equally sometimes you are constantly working on the move, you need to have a workspace that travels with you. Laptops and tablets have definitely helped with this, especially as this minimises what you need to bring with you out and about. I have a business bag, which is separate from my everyday bag or uni bag, where I carry all the stuff I need to have success whilst blogging or working on my super secret plans. It has my blogging bible (containing all my information I need), my blog post ideas guide, laptop with accessories and all my super secret paperwork. With pockets for my water bottle and flask of tea (if I’m going somewhere cafe free) means that I’m always prepared to go out for the long hall and not be distracted a few hours in by hunger or thirst. It also means I can’t use missing something as a procrastination when suffering from writers block ect.

The most important thing about your workspace is comfort. I find it super-comfortable to sit on the floor or laid out with my legs stretched. Some people have to sit at a table to work or have the perfect comfy chair to purch in. You’ll know if the space is right for you as soon as you get in it and try to work. Sometimes all you need is to alter the environment, remove the stuff of the desk into a draw, or rotate the room. Its not about how beautiful the space looks but how well the space works for your needs. Thats minimalism. But it can’t hurt if its easy on the eyes.

Very Fluffy Puppy
If you’re short a good friend to work next too, a fluffy friend is always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Clear space, clear mind, clear success

  1. Aw! I have a fluffy friend too – she’s not very helpful for the writing but she does keep my feet warm when she lies under the desk 🙂

    What a beautiful space to work in x

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