Med School Diaries | 1 Block down, 4 to go…

It’s hard to believe that I am a fifth of the way though my first year of medical school. The amount of work and effort in order to stay afloat has been a real shock, but the motivation to succeed is the real reason we get through it.

The week itself has been fairly reduced in workload, but the scramble to catch up and complete all the block related jobs has meant that I have completed before I start the new block tomorrow. Unfortunately, by midday on yesterday I realized I was being unrealistic; so, i made the decision to take the end of module online test and prepare myself for block 2. The understanding being that if I get on top of block 2 from the start, I can use Christmas to catch up on the block 1 work.

Passing the exam was a great start for me, I was within the pass mark for the finals and though I would like to be much higher, I hope that I will be more prepared by the end of year and that will help my grade going. It was helpful when I went through my notes with my answers that the ones I got wrong were in my notes and so I have the information just need to find the time, and energy, to learn it.

Coming to the end of the block has given me time to reflect on my decision to come to medical school, how I am coping with moving away from home, and what I have learnt about my learning and coping mechanisms. The short answer is, it’s hard.

Mentally and physically it really does take a toll on your body. When your well trusted revision mechanisms being failing on you, the coping mechanisms suddenly become super important. But then they don’t work either, because your stressed, socially overloaded and in need a relaxation time; and there’s not enough hours in the day! I’ve had to spend some time reinventing my coping mechanisms, finding new alternatives and push through when your brain is begging for time off.

I’m hoping that block 2 will be a literal fresh start, where I can focus more on myself and my workload. I need to be learning as I go, reading ahead and be on top of my game. I think finishing the term with a positive block experience will give me the hope that it the year will be successful. I really need to keep on top of the lecture note to revision note workload. When it came to the end of this block, I had all my lecture notes but had not condensed them into revisable answers or translate me own shorthand.

The next five weeks are going to be a whirlwind, I have some amazing personal projects coming up and the blogging will only increase with theses. The workload for uni will also be increasing and it will be interesting to see how I thrive through the workload.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style. –  Maya Angelou




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