Welcome Home

I’ve officially moved in to my new house and i am feeling so positive about the whole process. Though i am sad to have left home and my family, this independence has really reaped positive personal changes.

The house i’ve moved into is a short 8 minute drive from the uni, or a twenty minute cycle if you’re slow like i am. It’s close to Earlsdon High Street and funnily enough for the medical students in the house, it used to be a GP’s surgery. Its full of amazing people and i am really looking forward to the adventure we are about to go on.

The last two days in the house have given me a very positive outlook. I went food shopping yesterday and surprisingly, my trolley had more veg in it then chocolate! I’ve been prepping food to freeze and have been eating extremely healthy in the last few days. I have also been more proactive, i’ve constantly been doing something and i am looking for ways to improve myself daily.

Its amazing how a change of scenery can do that to you; how fresh starts can really make you into a better person. Its a chance to clean out the rubbish and start in a clean space and make it what you want it to be. Thats often easier then having to clear a space you are used to and build it back up.

I’ve enjoyed cooking, not just baking in the last few days. I’m looking forward to sharing some good budget recipes with you and show you how easy it is to eat super healthy on a strict student budget. The meal prepping is great for my course, due to its intensity. I am able to have good meals at a moments notice and not have to spend money (that i don’t have) on takeouts and ready meals.

Speaking of my course at uni, its only four days until i officially start the path to becoming a doctor!

To say i am excited would be an understatement. I am ready for this jump, i have been waiting a long time for this and its been too long. I just want that adventure to start!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Good luck with your first year of med school! I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time 😀

  2. It’s amazing to read such a positive perspective! Good luck!

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