Medical School

Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

One of the first steps when deciding to become a doctor is picking your medical school. I picked my four choices with two being my preferred options, Warwick was my top choice. There were many reasons why I picked Warwick as my home for the next four years most are outlined below:   Postgraduate Only… Continue reading Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

Exploring Life

Welcome Home

I've officially moved in to my new house and i am feeling so positive about the whole process. Though i am sad to have left home and my family, this independence has really reaped positive personal changes. The house i've moved into is a short 8 minute drive from the uni, or a twenty minute… Continue reading Welcome Home

Undergraduate Degree


Had the most amazing day on Tuesday (10th July 2018), i officially graduated from the University of Westminster. After three years of hard work i am proud to say i have graduated with a 2:1 BSc Honours in Human and Medical Science.  A beautiful venue like Royal Festival Hall is the perfect place to don… Continue reading Graduation

Undergraduate Degree

Passed and Completed

I did it, I passed! It’s a great relief to get my final results and confirm I have achieved a 2:1 (with honours) in Human and Medical Science BSc. There has been a long journey to get to this point and there really were moments I questioned my decision to do this. It’s definitely been… Continue reading Passed and Completed

Undergraduate Degree

10 things I have learnt from University

1. Commuting to London is emotionally draining Commuting to university ultimately saved me money in rent and food costs but the emotional drain of having to push yourself through a long commute home was emotionally draining. I don’t regret it but I have come to appreciate the people who do it every day ,365 days… Continue reading 10 things I have learnt from University

Meeting Others - Their Uni Experience

Meeting Others: Lauren BA Music, University of York

Hi, I'm Lauren. I studied Music at the University of York. I graduated last year with a 2:1. I picked to study at York because I fell in love with the city, it was just such a pleasant place to be. I felt like it suited me, and a lot of my interests. York has… Continue reading Meeting Others: Lauren BA Music, University of York

Exploring Life, Meeting Others - Their Uni Experience

Meeting Others: Charlotte Ba Musical Theatre, Bucks New University

My name is Charlotte. I’m just your average 22 year old girl with a fairly casual job and a graduate degree with no idea of how to use it. I started studying BA (Hons) Musical Theatre at Bucks New University in 2014, well, technically Amersham & Wycombe College with Bucks New University accrediting it. It’s… Continue reading Meeting Others: Charlotte Ba Musical Theatre, Bucks New University

Exploring Life, Undergraduate Degree

Note to self: Essays Suck

You have to love what your writing about, you have to believe in what you're writing and enjoy taking the time to do it. Its why i often take breaks from blogging. You start writing posts for the sake of post writing and the quality drops, followed by the motivation. It works the same way… Continue reading Note to self: Essays Suck

Meeting Others - Their Uni Experience

Meeting Others

  Every uni experience is unique; we all go to different universities, study different things and view everything with our own perspective on life. I wanted to ask others about their university experience. This new series is exactly that. Its opinions from different people highlighting their uni experiences from their eyes. Its the chance for… Continue reading Meeting Others