Tenerife Tales #1

I am currently sunning myself in Tenerife for a week, its the most lovely all inclusive resort; anyone who wants to find some pictures feel free to have a noisy on my instagram account.

We have had a lovely sunny time, my partner and I. There is nothing better then a week of doing nothing after the last month of stress with work and university. The food and the cocktails have been an amazing way to celebrate the end of uni and revitalise myself.

A view from my sun lounger… pre sun burn

Our resort has the most beautiful infinity pool with views of the sea, our first day here thats the first place we went, i spent the day sunning myself and working my way through the holiday books i brought. Needless to say i did the very British thing and ended up bright red from head to toe (don’t tell my mum she’ll be livid); so the day of cloudy heat has given me the time to cool down.

Needless to say with another four days to go, i do look forward to going home and pushing onwards with life. I am currently planning a small business proposition in the works and am working hard to save lots of money over the summer before the real work begins.

1 thought on “Tenerife Tales #1

  1. Very nice that You visited to Tenerife. It is nice place. I love Las Palmas, because it offers very much to see and to experience like awesome beaches, Columbus museum, gorgeous gardens, Bandama crater, surfers’ paradise and much more. I made also four posts presenting it.

    Happy new week.

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