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Tenerife Tales #1

I am currently sunning myself in Tenerife for a week, its the most lovely all inclusive resort; anyone who wants to find some pictures feel free to have a noisy on my instagram account. We have had a lovely sunny time, my partner and I. There is nothing better then a week of doing nothing… Continue reading Tenerife Tales #1

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Adventures in Paris

My birthday trip to Paris was a success, and a successful completion of a good chunk of my bucket list. Our train arrived midday Friday, and we spent the first few hours getting completely lost in the streets. When we finally made it back to the hostel we stayed in, we unpacked and then wandered… Continue reading Adventures in Paris

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Short: Cold Commute

Its so cold in the mornings, it makes getting up and standing at a train platform so painful, everymoring my fingers go so number its practically impossible to more them. You can tell that this year is going to be a cold christmas. The worst part for me is the rush of the fast trains… Continue reading Short: Cold Commute