Coffee Shop Confessions

It seems ironic really that I frequent coffee shops when I don’t drink coffee…

But with alternative music, coffee and expensive food; there is no better way to read a book than the corner booth of a coffee shop. Drinking a coffee, or in my case alternating between tea and hot chocolate, can often be more productive than your are at home.

Maybe it’s because there are people around you, or maybe because your wifi history can be seen by others. Either way the atmosphere always helps me be productive.

I am desperately requiring productivity right now, with my literature review due in less than a month and my brain struggling to keep up with the workload; the change in scenery has done wonders for my word count.

I do confess a favouritism for specific coffee shops depending on location. The Costa near work is a good one for hiding upstairs all day writing papers before work. I love the independent homely coffee shops with the personal touch; they always say hello, know what your order is and sneak you a sneaky top up when the boss isn’t looking!

The warmth also allows you to pretend it’s not so cold outside and shelter from the fog, frost and frozen fingers as you wait for the country buses to come take you home…

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