Short: Christmas Tidings and Tales

Christmas for most people is a happy affair, with multiple members of family and laughter around the christmas table. My christmas is short and sweet; an early wake up call to see if Santa’s been, followed by a short and sweet christmas lunch with just my parents and sisters. The rest of the day is relatively quiet, everyone enjoying the calm and entertaining ourselves with our gifts. Having a small family christmas is nice for a family like ours; we don’t really talk to any of our extended family and we work so hard every other day of the week that it is nice to have a day of pure relaxation.

Now, as I am older, and more space out from the siblings, christmas becomes a little painful and kind of depressing; Its the early wake up calls that are the worst, followed by an extreme desire to go back to bed when the time comes to cleaning up the wrapping paper. You do however miss having people around you, when you see the neighbours families turn up and the happiness and hugs, you know that no one is coming to see you; its a sad notion.

I suppose what I am trying to convey is that you need to appreciate family and friends, even your crazy uncle or annoying grandparents. Because there a moments where you can feel so alone in the world, where you look to the future and realise that is small and bleak. That you could get married next week and you would have no one on your side of the church benches.

Christmas is a time for coming together as a family and giving gifts to show your appreciation of them. Show your love, how much you care and never regret them for a second. Now, my family is in entirely different rooms of the house doing separate things; I am writing this blog post in between doing my genetics revision, its a different christmas to the ones I’ve spent in my childhood but one I wouldn’t give up for anything, because family is family; and no matter how much they drive me up the wall I wouldn’t really give them up for anything.

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