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Why I went away and how I came back again

It’s been over a year since I published a blog post. More than 12 months since I got the courage to publish anything I had written into the world. Why? Because everything felt the same, stagnant.  The truth is I reached a period of my life where my personal growth and development stalled. I became…

My Festive To Do List

I have started writing seasonal / monthly to do lists recently as a way to ensure I make the most of the my time and do some things that are not Med School or Work. So I have written my self a winter festive to do list. Light festive candles I don’t decorate a lot…

My Minimalist Disclaimer

Sometimes I feel like I can’t use the term ‘minimalist’ to define my lifestyle choices. That people judge my lifestyle under a tight number of rules and opinions about what they perceive to be the lifestyle. People will always judge how ‘minimalist’ someone is based on their own personal definitions and perceptions. They will say…

Don’t define yourself by negativity

We grow up as children being told to strive to be the best, judged on how clever we are, how beautiful we look and our successes as individuals. That’s a difficult space to be in as children, but its not something we grow out of as we grow older; it just hurts us in private.…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Abigail. I am really passionate about Minimalism and making the most of everyday adventures. On the blog I write about personal growth, minimalism and other lifestyle content. All whilst studying at Medical School.

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