My Festive To Do List

I have started writing seasonal / monthly to do lists recently as a way to ensure I make the most of the my time and do some things that are not Med School or Work. So I have written my self a winter festive to do list.

Light festive candles

I don’t decorate a lot for Christmas, mainly because I go home for the big few days but also because I don’t like having plenty of decorations up. One thing I do enjoy is Christmas candles and there is nothing like lighting the candles in the winter nights and enjoying a the scent with a good book and music.

My favourite Christmas scent this year has been the Sand and Fog White Winter candle.

Go festive Christmas shopping 

Cannot be Christmas without some shopping. I try to be very clever with gifts where possible and most of my gifts are bought online.

See some snow

I suppose I have already ticked this one off with the recent storm that brought plenty of snow. It was lovely to see people out and about making snowmen and having snowball fights. It was really nice to welcome in the festive season with classic winter snow.

Plan my new year’s goal

As we move into the festive season I also find myself looking ahead to the next year. Especially thinking about what I want to do in the next year and starting thinking about plans for travel or experiences I want to explore that year.

Drink hot chocolate and watch a festive movie

I am looking forward to heading home for a week for Christmas. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my siblings when non of us have school or work. Christmas movie night with hot chocolate is a must!

Sew a Christmas project

I took sewing back up during lockdown. It’s been a project that I’ve enjoyed and really embraced. I’ve started embroidery along with sewing and wanted to make myself a festive quilt using my newly learnt skills. Keep an eye out on the blog and my instagram for updates on how successful this project is.

Decorate for Christmas

Whilst I only very minimally decorate for Christmas, I do really enjoy going home and seeing my siblings decorate the Christmas tree. It usually involves board games, cheesy music and laughter. It’s a wonderful evening and one of the most simplest things yet most important to me every year.

Go on a winter walk

There is always time on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day for a winter walk. Especially since Casper came into our family a winter dog walk is a must. Sometimes me and my sisters go and spend some time together. I always need to remember to take my work boots home so I have decent shoes to walk in.

Festive Baking session

The best part of Christmas is the baking, let’s all be honest. I spend days baking things usually with Christmas music and it really makes those early winter nights warm and enjoyable. My favourite bakes include Christmas cakes, cookies, gingerbread and jam tarts. This year I am starting to branch out a bit more and bake some traditional treats from around the world. What are your favourite festive bakes?

Gift Christmas baking to friends

I love festive baking… I collect recipes and ideas months in advance. However living alone means that I have plenty around the house and it doesn’t do my waistline any good. I always like to hand out as much as I can to people I live near, friends, colleagues or students.

Go out and eat with good friends

Fingers crossed with everything that’s going on we will all still be able to spend time with friends and family over Christmas. As all my friends from around the country head towards our hometown for the festive season I am hoping that I can make some time to catch up with everyone and make some more recent memories. I also want to spend some time off campus with some of my friends from Uni as a lot of them will be moving away in the coming year and I will miss them all.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to make it through the festive season without a little help. So this year I am trying to donate something to a food bank every time I go to the supermarket through December and January. Its as simple as adding an extra bag of pasta to my shop or UHT milk. But the festive season is all about giving, and it also mean giving to people in need.

So there is my festive to do list. Its fairly simple, but I often find the simplest things are what make Christmas the happiest with the best memories. I would love to know your favourite festive things to do and your favourite Christmas movies. Comment below and see if you share a movie with anyone else.


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