I lost sight of what I wanted

I’ve found it really hard to blog recently. I’ve struggled because I haven’t really known what I wanted from life or where I was going. The lack of moving forward in life as lockdowns made it feel like groundhog day over and over really meant I lost the motivation to do most things. That stagnated feeling really sucks out your creativity and became almost writing block.

It went from one extreme to the other, and suddenly it was like life hit fast forward. Every plan, project and paused proposal all started simultaneously. Now you are overwhelmed with projects, studying, work and more. It mean’t that things start to slide and all thoughts of prioritising vanished. As I became overwhelmed, how important my blog was to my mindfulness and my minimalist successes became clear.

So, I took some time away to rebalance my lifestyle. Whilst doing this I pondered for a while about deleting my social media and my blog. I felt like there was nothing to write about, and I wasn’t doing anything worth writing about. The pandemic also made me consider where the future is going and where I wanted everything to fit in my life. So, I have decided to bring the blog back and more confident than ever. 

However the writers block and reprioritising of life gave me time away from blogging and allowed me time to explore where I wanted to go with the blog. During lockdown, aside from Medical School, I have done a lot of reading around minimalism, philosophy of lifestyle and had the chance to explore those as content ideas for the blog. 

During this time away from blogging I have started collating some blog posts to schedule ahead of time to improve my consistency. I have also started going through my blog archive and revamping the posts or clearing out the ones that no longer fit with my life and thought processes now.

So Abigailgrows has grown again and evolved into something that suits me now I am twenty four and thought about what’s important to me. The pandemic has really started putting things into perspective for me and I have started thinking about future plans and ideas. So over the next month or so as you start to see some new lifestyle and minimalism content. I am excited about blogging again, which is why taking a break I think is important.

I really hope you are looking forward to Abigailgrows coming back and becoming a more regular lifestyle blog. Follow the blog to keep up to date on all the new content and comment below with any content you want to see from me. 

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5 thoughts on “I lost sight of what I wanted

  1. Doesn’t that new motivation feel good? I took a little bit away from blogging too because I was trying to grow my business but uninspired with the blog. Now I’m heading up to hit the scene again. I do need to do a little more reflecting on life though.

    1. It strangely does feel good. Especially after thinking about deleting it 6 weeks ago, but focusing on the positives that it brings me over the negatives definitely helped.

      1. I went through the same exact thing! I had a lot of followers then I was like whatever I’ll delete it. So glad I didn’t too. Good luck with your new journey!

  2. ALways enticing to leave and move on but i imagine true responsibility is in to carry everything that mattered to us even a little. Blogging does more good to us than we know actually.

    Please write and if ever feel like leaving again. Leave but do not delete 🙂
    Nara x

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