Why I went away and how I came back again

It’s been over a year since I published a blog post. More than 12 months since I got the courage to publish anything I had written into the world. Why? Because everything felt the same, stagnant. 

The truth is I reached a period of my life where my personal growth and development stalled. I became so hyper focused on work and medical school that I lost the vision I was supposed to have. 

Because there’s more to life. 

It’s taken me a few months to find myself again. It’s taken jumping headfirst into a relationship and not being caught, taking financial risks and more feelings of inconsequence and anxiety then I knew what to do with. But I have come out the other side stronger and with so much more clarity about what I am going to do in the next twelve months and ten years. 

So, I am back to writing. Back to producing content that hopefully satisfies and engages people. That shows you how little old me is trying to grow in a world so crowded it’s hard to find sunlight. I hope you are just as intrigued about the content I will share… I am too!

Excited to see you all again soon, 


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