Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Autumn has always been my favourite season, but more so as I have gotten older and gone out into the world. It’s the time of coats, boots, hot chocolate, warm soup and cinnamon… how can I not love that! The season just fits in with my personality, being able to sit indoors with blankets and books and really just relax and enjoy life. I wanted to find a good way to make the most of the season this year, so I wanted to make the most of the pumpkin.

Pumpkins’ aren’t just for lanterns in fall, they are a great ingredient… and relatively cheep too in October. So I made the most of my 2kg pumpkin, started off with some pictures to remember him by before I sacrificed him in my kitchen (check out some of the pictures on my instagram). I spent the afternoon making so many pumpkin things, I got two trays of pumpkin and a whole bowl of seeds. I baked one tray plain until soft and then pureed and froze. I look the seeds in 2 tbsp of oil and baked on parchment until crisp (180c for about 25-30 min). Then I took the second tray of pumpkin and got to work on the soup.

To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup.

Laurie Colwin

Soup has always been a super easy and simple recipe that can pack a lot of vegetables into a diet. It’s super easy to reheat on a busy day, and easy to take with me out to University or work when I am trying to save money on lunches.

This recipe was super simple and easy to make and can easily be adapted to use butternut squash if you are looking to make this soup outside of Pumpkin season in the supermarket. Whilst I used a classic supermarket pumpkin, you’ll find you can get more flavour using French pumpkins if you can find them.

Spiced Pumpkin soup, served with creme fraiche, toasted pumpkin seeds and coriander

Spiced Pumpkin Soup – Makes 6


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 small or 1 medium red or white onion
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 1kg butternut pumpkin or squash, peeled, chopped
  • Generous 1/4 tsp dried chilli flakes
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1tsp salt
  • 1 litre vegetable stock or equivalent stock cubes and water
  • 2 tablespoons creme fraiche or cream

To serve: 1 tsp creme fraiche, fresh coriander, and pumpkin seeds


  1. Preheat oven to 200c
  2. Place chopped pumpkin on a baking tray, season with 3 crushed garlic cloves, chilli flakes, ground coriander, 1tsp paprika, salt and a 1 table spoon olive oil. Combine until all pumpkin is covered in spices and roast in oven until pumpkin is browning around the edges (about 30 mins).
  3. Remove pumpkin and set to side. Heat a large deep saucepan capable of fitting all your pumpkin in. Add a small amount of oil and fry onions with remaining paprika until soft.
  4. Add the pumpkin and vegetable stock and bring to boil. Cover and leave to simmer on medium heat until pumpkin is soft.
  5. Blend soup together. I tend to take a few ladles of liquid out of my soup before I blend it. It prevents it getting to watery in consistency. I blend my soup and then add in any extra stock if needed until the consistency is just right.
  6. Stir in creme fraiche and season to taste, and serve or leave to cool and freeze if necessary.
Spiced Pumpkin soup, served with a pumpkin enriched bread.

Soup is a lot like a family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristics; and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavour.

Marge Kennedy

9 thoughts on “Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Soup

  1. Oh I’d like to try this. I’m a big soup fan and have so many memories attached to soup! Thanks for sharing.

  2. lynnmumbingmejia October 24, 2020 — 6:27 pm

    Yum! That looks so delish! Last week I made a cozy fall soup and just put pumpkin chunks but I love the idea of the pureed pumpkin πŸ™‚ Great recipe and I will try this next!

  3. Great post and great recipe for this time of the year. A popular trending recipe with pumpkin. Unfortunately I shy away from pumpkin but enjoyed this post nevertheless

  4. This looks delicious! I’d appreciate if you followed my blog as i have yours and checked out my Instagram (@madebybernadine). Here’s my latest post:
    Have a great day!

  5. Pumpkin soup is always a good idea, but a spicy version really gets me excited! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This recipe sounds great – and perfect for a chilly day like today! It’s crazy how much waste there is from carving pumpkins so it’s always good to find recipes that use it all!


  7. Oh yummy!!!!!! I love pumpkin soup. Thank you for sharing your recipe here.

  8. I love anything pumpkin. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  9. The soup looks so yum 😍

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