Med School Diaries: Breakdowns, Burnouts and Bunkering Down

The last week was extremely unproductive in my opinion. Its always been the same when it gets to the last week of each term; my body and brain were both ready for a break and the ability to get anything remotely productive done had long run away from me.  With my car in the garage to be repaired after my heavyweight boxing match vs that traffic cone… I had a massively great excuse to not leave the house or get anything done. Alas with the end of block four upon me, the realisation that the Easter Holidays was here and the exams are now closer than ever… I have really bunkered down.

I gave myself this weekend, away from twitter, my blog, medical school and humanity. I hid in my room playing music obnoxiously loud and eating more cheese than I have ever done in my life (no regrets) and promised myself that Monday I would be a better person. Block four has been strange, it’s been a lighter work load compared to block three’s neuroanatomy, but the desired to get any work done has been non existent. I honestly think I drove myself to despair with the stress of trying to understand block three’s content and really needed a break – but had yet to have one.

The next four weeks provide the graduate medical students with the only real time to revise the content they have learnt over the last twenty weeks and prepare themselves for the end of year exams. These exams are a pass or fail, fail and you run the real risk of being kicked off the course. Though something you sign up for knowing may happen by the time you get to March and the revision time you are tired, mentally and physically, and need to find more in your life than medicine.

My revision timetable has given me the chance to get out and have some fun whilst getting all my work done. I am going to write a post about it for next week. The important part is that I have left space for life. I have given myself time to keep running, which although physically difficult for me has definitely improved my mentality, I’ve become more confident and productive after achieving that run. The featured image of todays blog was taken when running through the medical school woodland. I’ve enjoyed running her because there is so much more to see then running on roads, it’s easier on my feet too.

The next four weeks I need to re-cooperate, revise and revitalise. I think this is where routine will come in super handy. Hopefully I am productive and can go back into block five feeling relatively confident in my abilities.

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