Med School Diaries: Long Days, Hard Nights and Setting some monthly challenges…

I’ve been less socially busy this week, but much more productive in everything else. There has been an element of realisation that it is MARCH!… and I have yet to set myself up to achieve my goals for the year.

This week has been all about the shoulder and arm (which anatomically is the upper part of your arm before the elbow), I have enjoyed the learning and do feel like I understand it. I am just in the beginnings of developing a way to learn all the muscles… I am currently going with a print loads of images and label them obsessively.

Along with this is the realisation that the easter holidays is fast approaching set in. So this weekend I have written myself a cheeky little easter revision plan and begun to prepare myself for the colossal task of trying to remember everything that I need to remember for my end of year exams… my brain hurt just thinking about it.

This week I have had a hard time with my self confidence and social anxiety. My personal tutor has been helpful in guiding me into the right people to see about my social anxiety; it has been setting me back on clinical placements as a get really anxious about meeting patients, which sets me off with a shaky start that causes this massive viscous cycle of anxiety. So I am hoping that in the future this will improve.

Self confidence wise I have been struggling to look in the mirror recently, finding nothing but faults in my appearance. So in an attempt to improve my mental health and to raise money and awareness for mental health in university students I am (willingly!) running 27miles in 27days… which for someone as unfit as me is a mile a day, because trying to do more than that may kill me! I am aiming to raise £27 to help 3 university students under mental health crisis. I am also hoping that attempting this will help both my body confidence and my self confidence, removing those insecurities that have been holding me back.

This week is full of running, running, running and a visit to patients in the community. I am hoping to complete my revision prep, eat vaguely healthy and still stay on top of both my work and my sleep! But who knows…


If you would like to donate to my campaign in aid of MIND please donate to my JustGiving page… every small donation helps!

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