Med School Diaries: Block 2, Week 2

I can’t believe we are only a month away from the Christmas break! Time is flying and with another week of lecture heavy content having just gone it is hard to find the time to get any revision done.

This week has been a busy one, yet i am fortunate enough to have been extremely productive during this time. I am even currently a tiny bit ahead! (touch wood it continues). I have definetly finally settled down into the way of life that comes with studying medicine at Warwick and i have started getting active in the persual of my medical career.

I went on a field trip this week to the air ambulance base at Coventry airport… more to come in another post. It was really exciting to see doctors doing a job i would love to do and talking to them and learning what i need to do to get there. I was a nice break from the monotony of lectures and revision in the evenings which has definetly become my life recently.

Many other things that happened this week have been an attempt to become more productive by giving my brain a rest from medicine. I went out on saturday to the Fargo Chocolate Festival which was a great chance to eat some waffles and look at donuts. Then worked it all off by taking up running this week. In an attmept to getting ahead of my 2019 challenge list (released in my chirstmas blogging sessions).

Its a short post about my last week of med school mainly because alot of what i have done this week is part of other topics and soon to be blog posts… so i will keep it a secret for now…

This week i am moving away from respiratory and into cardiology; i am much more exctied. I really enjoy this kind of stuff and their is a lot less physics involved, which helps. I am keeping up with the running and really getting on top of my short term goals before 2018 disappears from us and 2019 appears ready for action.

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