Med School Week 4: Sometimes you just need a cuddle.

The last week of med school was hard, and not in the way i expected it to be. I was expecting the week to be a busy mess of balancing uni lectures with finally getting grip on the block 1 revision.

Unfortunately, last week turned into a mess of emotions and the realisation that i was socially and emotionally out of my depth. It was a scary situation to be in and i was at a loss really for what to do in order to make my way out of the hole i created and get back into the medical school groove.

What I’ve noticed about graduate medical schemes is the immense pressure you find yourself under to have a work-life balance. When you are at uni four full days a week with the addition of pre and post reading, revision and further study. Finding the time to be a social human being when you have adulting to do such as laundry, cleaning and cooking is a real task in itself.

Last week it was a balance i was loosing, i was so behind in my wellbeing that i wasn’t even considering working, being social or emptying my laundry basket… which is close to overflowing (a crude metaphor for my life currently).

I’ve definitely learn’t how importance the concept of balance is this week and i am certainly determined to improve on this. I go to the trauma society meetings on Wednesday, which is both fun and informative, the perfect balance for me. I went home and picked up Casper for the week. My parents are on holiday and he’s going to a dog sitter near me during the day. The timing is perfect really, having Casper means i need to leave the house to take him for walks and i have to be proactive in getting out of bed, eating and packing my stuff for the night before. It also helps that Casper gives me plenty of cuddles… that was definitely all i needed to recover, just needed cuddles.

Thinking about finding a Saturday Job, not quite sure where on when but i think it will give me a little bit of income and let me make some friends in the area… will give me some no medical related things to do as well. I am looking on this next week with a much more positive outcome, i feel miles better after a trip home, even though i was home alone: the ability to reset myself and take some observations from an outside view.

This week i have my community placement, my doggo at home and the PHEMTEC conference on Saturday that will provide me with a wealth of things to get done and experience.

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