Medical School Week 3…. i think

I can’t believe week three is finally over. It feels like i have been there for months. This feeling is probably due to the amount of information being crammed into my brain in such a short space of time. I have to say i am finally setting in and getting to grips with the day to day aspect of medical school, but i am definitely not getting to grips with the workload… drowning is a word that is so normal now.

I have been assured by multiple people that this is normal. So i am not too worried about this feeling, but it is defiantly disconcerting when you are so used to being in control and on top of everything.

I socialised this week, shock horror! I went to my medic family dinner. Medic Families are a mentor scheme set up as part of the medical school. You get two parents, not necessarily a mum and dad, and you often find yourself with aunts, grandparents, and cousins to go with it all. It’s a great way to get some advice about the medical school experience that comes first hand and not from a prospectus; its defiantly helped with the worries and concerns i had about the workload.

Friday was another fun day at the hospital, though some people were worse for wear after their medic dinners. We learn’t plenty from out plastinated specimens and i was shocked at how much i had learn’t and remembered over the two weeks of anatomy. The clinical skills lessons gave me the confidence in my blood pressure technique i’ve learnt and showed that once you have learnt the skill it is like riding a bike.

One of my housemates, Faith, went home for the weekend, she has been sorely missed. In the absence of Faith, who went home for the weekend, Tash and I got up to some Shenanigans.

Nothing illegal happened… but the cheeky trip to Poundland, TkMaxx and Hobbycraft tell you all you need to know. Mixed in with a nutty evening messing with Tash’s Tinder, it’s definitely been a relaxing day away from medical school and all the work the follows.

Much money was spent… but it was certainly over budget (not too bad) but, the experience was helpful in boosting my mentality and improving my social confidence in Coventry. It also gave me a boost to get some work done on Sunday and it has definitely proved to be a semi productive day.

Next week looks to be much of the same, though i am excited about some of the lecture content coming up this week; it seems to be much more ethics and law based combined with person centred care guidance. Though not completely lacking in the science department. It is nice to see a different week to usual as the end of this block draws in.

3 thoughts on “Medical School Week 3…. i think

  1. bingingonabudget October 14, 2018 — 6:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey through med school, what’s your favorite part so far?

    1. I’ve been loving my clinical skills sessions, although its currently stuff i’ve done before i feel like i’m a doctor.

  2. The medic family dinner sounds a good idea, to help you settle in.
    Glad to hear that you are having good experiences over the last three weeks. I think with the work and hopefully some fun as well, you are going to find time passing by.

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