Moving Out, Moving On Up

‘When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.’

Today is moving day!

I am officially moving out from home to go to University (take two). Although Uni moves are usually considered temporary; it is unlikely, due to path my career will take, that I will return home for any permanency after this.

There is definitely some trepidation about leaving home, I wrote this post two nights ago after being unable to sleep for unknown reasons. It’s a scary thought, leaving the comfort of home: even if you have adulted from home and maintained a large chunk of independence, you don’t truly experience it until you leave for good. I am fortunate that though fleeing the nest, I am not too far away from home. Definitely far enough away to avoid popping around, but close enough to home that a trip home for the weekend is an option.

Becoming a doctor is something I have planned on being since I was 12 years old, confirmed multiple times over the years by events in my life. However, being held down by my A-level grades, I took the hard route: I completed one degree in order to qualify for this medical degree now. I have begun the final step in achieving this goal and moving out is a big step up into the final countdown.

I am interested to see where this will take me, how I will cope with bill payments and the rumored workload. How I will cope living in an eclectic house mix? Will I cope with the course? What’s going to be the first thing to go wrong?

Alas, moving away from home is definitely the beginning of the next great adventure that is medical school. There will be something new learnt every day, both medical and otherwise! But I think that’s how you learn and grow into a decent human being: learning from experience and developing new skills and coping mechanisms. I think in light of the last week, it will be a great chance for me to take a fresh look at life and enjoy living life as much as possible.

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from Growing, Evolving and Progressing” – Many Hale

The hidden lesson behind moving out of home is learning to embrace change. I’ve spent 21 years with my parents, almost 10 years in this house on and off. So, moving to a new house, so far away and in such different circumstances is a massive change in life: when combined with my recent change in relationship status, by the time I go to sleep tonight, life will have changed completely.

Being open to change, whilst knowing when to stand your ground, is a great life lesson and skill to have as a developing human being. You have to embrace the small splashed of goodness in the storm of scary parts about change. I’ve got a gorgeous dress for welcome ball, and some pretty bed linen to brighten up my new room. I am going to finally cook and use the skills from my dad, cooking great food at no cost. There will be new opportunities, new people and a new routine. Why would I not embrace that chance to do what I’ve always wanted, even if it means leaving my safe zone. People go through scarier things on a day to day basis; refugees walk across countries to find a new life. But to some people, the smallest change can bring serious anxiety.

I am fortunate that I have an attitude towards embracing change, powering through and growing from it. Thus, despite being awake so late stressing silently, I have given myself the confidence writing this post to enjoy the challenge of moving out and moving on. Who knows what will happen next… isn’t that why its fun?

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