Turning 21

Today’s the day!

I am 21 and officially an adult globally. It’s amazing how as you get older birthdays because less and less of an important thing; yet there are still a few important birthdays in the world. Turning 21 is one of them.

For me being 21 hasn’t changed much. Its been a great opportunity to clean up my life and cut out bits that have been keeping me down. Its also a great opportunity to refresh you goals and lifestyle choices and has been a great chance for me to do this.

For me turning 21 has been a quiet affair, i’ve never been one for parties or nights out drinking. Its started with a wake up call and song from my little sisters and gifts from them and my parents. I’ve been out to buy a new outfit before a trip out for lunch with my parents.

Spending the evening with tea and cake working my way through my dissertation and just chilling…

I’ve enjoyed my day and the symbolistic meaning behind it. I’m enjoying the year to come and the hard work and achievements that will come for it.

Here’s to 21!


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