Breakdowns and Mechanical Issues

This last two weeks have been mentally draining; I’ve had mental breakdowns and car breakdowns. What was a quiet few weeks as cululated into a chaotic week; I’m thankful i’ve finally gotten my car back, this week has shown me just how dependant i am on the poor little thing in order to live my life.

A new gear box, clutch, break pads and tires later i am back on the road, and extremely poor again… yay! Alas the time alone at home with just Casper to keep me company has given me chance to recover from my epic emotional breakdown which involved a full three hours of tears and self doubt.

I think everyone goes through emotional peaks and troughs, and i had reached that peak just as my car broke and it kind of set everything off. I was talking about it to my friend Lucy and she agrees… you can identify a females emotional status by the effort they put into their everyday outfit. It might be a simple look, and it might not even contain any make up at all; but that outfit and the confidence that accompanies it can show exactly how emotionally secure and happy we are. Maybe we need to teach this to our boyfriends… they might learn something from it… when to backdown in an argument especially!

Alas, i am finally firmly back on track! My blog is back on schedule, i am (almost!) back on top of all the university coursework. I’m motivated, dedicated and content with life. Planning the future positively not necessarily… and not breaking down in tears because theres no milk. Thats always a bonus!

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