Let it Snow!

Most of britain has been covered in deep icy snow, and Flackwell Heath is the same. As you can see from the above picture I’ve had a pretty good snow day.

I live on the top of a giant hill, and most of the roads get shut or a pretty undrivable during the snow; the gritting machines are unable to get up the hill and people died on some the main roads during snow. Its meant I’ve been unable to go to work today and I’ve had the fun day of juggling my two sisters and a very, very excited puppy in the snow.

Casper was especially amusing in the snow, he kept blending in and we kept loosing him in the garden. For puppies first snow he loved it, but has spent most of the day asleep on the window ledge as close to the heater as possible.

With snow forecast through the night i can only hope i am able to escape my dreary village tomorrow, because i have uni and a social life.

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