Short: Dating and Baking

Life’s picking up the pace again, and I’m adapting to the new environment.

I’m dating again! Its been over 18 months since my last relationship, or talking to any guy. Its a strange feeling to rely and want to share time and space with someone. Part of it comes from my new job, learning new things about myself and being able to be myself all over again. Its the best way to meet new people, and keep up the good habits i’d started when i got my new job.

There is an age gap between us both, its 6 years, which for me is perfect because he’s much more grown up than previous boys I’ve dated and is after a more serious relationship than men my age; which is a requirement for me when dating. But he’s just so much more caring and interested than my past relationships. He holds my hand, offers my his arm when we walk and all ways tells me I’m beautiful; its the little things really, but i know I’m safe and secure with him. Knowing this makes it so much easier for me to be myself.

…he had a way of taking your hand which made it clear he’d have to be the one to let go – Alice Hoffman

I’ve also got back into baking, i’ve always enjoyed it, yet not put enough time or effort into perfecting the skill. I wanted something i could do to relax after a stressful work shift or long uni session and bringing this back into my life seems to be the perfect way to do so. I’m sure some of my creations will make their way onto here and my instagram, so keep a look out for any that interest you.

Its back to life now, just wanted to give a little update into whats going on with me; there will be a few posts going up in the next few days, mainly book reviews for the next few books I’ve completed from my bookworm or bust challenge.

Happy Weekend!

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