Midnight Musings

I am writing this whilst i take a break from the late-night university work that is consuming me. I made the unfortunate mistake of prioritising going to work over completing coursework and revising;  and now last minute deadlines have lead me to alter my sleep schedule to match.

I get little to no work done during the day, especially when my sisters are off school as the noise around the house is just plain distracting. There is something about the darkness that i love when i comes to revising and so staying up late to get things done now its quiet at work is what it takes to get the job done.

This year is a new start, and after the fairly clumsy end to 2016 ending up in the Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit, (fortunately nothing serious);  I can’t help but ponder upon the year thats coming; what will it hold? should i embrace it?

The answer is of course! But I’m sure it scares even the most hardened adventurers, especially one who is determined not to get so easily hurt both physically and emotionally. I want to achieve my goals (not resolutions because they are so easily broken) however, to achieve this i need to get back to work even when my body clock screams its time for bed. So i will end this post here; theres nothing better than a self spoken (typed) pep talk to keep you motivated as a new day dawns, and hopefully get to sleep before the sun comes up…

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