Showing Fragility

There is a type of Japanese pottery known as Kintsugi, it involves painting the cracks caused by firing with gold or silver. I think its a beautiful art that is representative of real life heartbreak and recovery. Its about displaying individuality and celebrating healing he scars of heart break.

My heart has quite a few of those, from broken friendships, family bonds and love. For along time i tried to cover the scars up, pretend they weren’t there and in the end it ruined my self-esteem.

I gave up on many of my dreams and life goals; mainly on the suggestions of other people that i was never good enough. Its only recently that i learnt the true value of my flaws and broken dreams; how they interlink together to form these cracks. I am going to paint my cracks with gold, for the world to see. Show everyone that getting up and continuing on with life with the aim to fulfil every dream and ambition.

Scars heel, you can build yourself back into one whole piece but you will never be your unblemished self. That doesn’t matter, celebrate getting back up. I have; i am no longer the crumbled shell i was after heartbreak. I no longer let the cruel words spoken to me cause more cracks. My heart shines, with the veins of gold painted on it, yours should too.


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