Still Awake: midnight thoughts keeping me from sleep

The world is full of pain and suffering; there are problems globally that are much bigger than mine, i know that. But i am still awake staring out into the stars, thoughts flying by like aeroplanes. The thing keeping me awake is metaphorical boxes.

Life is full of boxes, and no matter how many times we are told to think outside of them, the rules of society are still made by them. Everything fits in these boxes; what we learn at school, how we are perceived but most importantly how good we are.

These boxes are floored, everyone is different. We proved this with the human genome project and the nature vs. nurture debate; so why aren’t we recycling these boxes and encouraging social fluidity.

Don’t get me wrong, we as humans are making small changes but if anything the boxes now have holes where the largest number of different people can flee and find a new home, but its still a box.

These boxes are keeping me up at night, causing me stress and making me feel claustrophobic on a planet that is so large. Flee the boxes, remove the stereotypes and the labels and be you; dream big and achieve your ambitions no matter who says no or its not a good idea.

1 thought on “Still Awake: midnight thoughts keeping me from sleep

  1. Mr Midnight, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, says that he loves boxes. He adds that he loves the tightness, warmth and security of the box.
    Sir Winston and I have told him the real reason why you write about being “boxed in”.
    As you are aware, nobody can change the world around them but we can change OUR world. Everyone is on their path in life and if pain and suffering are (unconciously) part of the journey then the path will be the correct one no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.
    Mr Midnight and Sir Winston say that it´s all a matter of “choice” and yes; contrary to popular belief, we do create OUR world around us.
    They both finally add that cats don´t need human “boxes” or “boundaries” and they seem to do alright for themselves.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards from the three of us. 🙂

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