Quotes To Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

I love quotes, I am tweet them a lot, use them in blog posts and write them in my planner to define my weeks aims. I find them extremely useful for providing a motivation to achieve something; they provide proof that people do understand what you are going through and that people have succeeded where… Continue reading Quotes To Inspire Your Minimalism Journey

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Recovering from Rejection

Going through life you are going to meet a lot of rejection. Its how you handle this rejection that determines how you grow and how you succeed. As the results of my graduate applications begin to trickle in, its about time to start preparing for rejection and how i plan to grow from it. “Every… Continue reading Recovering from Rejection

12 Days of Reflection, Exploring Life

12 Days of Reflection: Day 11 – Happiness

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.  - Jim Rohn Happiness is what we strive for, what we do everyday is how we aim to get there. As you grow older you realise happiness is not about success, money or belongings but about feeling you… Continue reading 12 Days of Reflection: Day 11 – Happiness

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When a service goes wrong…

I spend the majority of my work shift face to face with the customer, thats what it takes when you are a bartender and waitress. It’s often the waitress’s that get the food complaints and the disappointment when guests are not happy. That’s exactly what happened last night; the food was sub-par and taking it… Continue reading When a service goes wrong…