Guest Post | 10 Things I Don’t Buy To Save Money

Mind Beauty Simplicity is a blog that is fast becoming my all time favourite. Bee the writer behind the blog has written this post! I was excited that she was willing to write a post for abigailgrows and interested to see how many things I still buy that are on this list – Abigail

Being an adult is expensive. I feel like I’m losing money as soon as I wake up. Over the years I’ve learned there are tons of things I deemed as essential in my daily life that actually aren’t necessary at all. And by not purchasing these items on a regular basis, I’ve saved a lot of money! Here are 10 Things I Don’t Buy to Save Money:


For a long time I was purchasing Neutrogena makeup remover wipes every month. They were convenient little items especially after those long nights out in college. But I realized how much of a waste they were & how bad they were for the environment. I was easily spending 10-15 dollars a month on a pack of these wipes. I simply use a washcloth or one of those magic makeup remover clothes that are reusable. I just either add water or a facial cleaner to remove my makeup now. 


These one-time use items may seem useful & easy but they are such a waste. Insead I recommend you use reusable makeup remover pads or hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears. Q-tips are really bad for you anyway. 


I find it pointless to have too many products in my shower regimen. Instead of purchasing separate creams for shaving, I just use a creamy body wash. My favorite is the Aveeno Sensitive Skin Body Wash. 


I no longer purchase packs of bottled water (unless I’m in a pinch). I’d much rather just use the water in my fridge & bring my Hydroflask or other reusable water bottle with me. It’s better for your wallet & the environment. 


Again these are a one use item & personally don’t do a whole lot to my clothing. Instead, I use dryer balls & add essential oils inside them for added scent. 


I no longer own nail polish at home. I never really do a good job myself & I’d much rather go get them done professionally. 


I no longer purchase tons of cleaners for different purchases. I simply use a multi-surface cleaner & a bathroom cleaner for heavy grime & that’s it. I feel like you can get carried away with all the fancy wipes, sponges & sprays when simple is always better & easier. 


Before the pandemic, I was paying a monthly fee for my local gym. But I haven’t been back since. I’d much rather work out at home where it’s safer. Plus, it’s not having that expense to worry about anymore. I felt like I wasn’t going enough to justify it. 


With all the streamer services, I just don’t find it necessary to pay for cable. It’s rather pricey & I haven’t missed it too much. We do have an antenna that picks up local channels as well. 


I try to stick with the basics & classics that won’t go out of style too quickly. I like to get my money’s worth with what hangs in my closet. And of course there are 10 Things I Think You Don’t Even Need In a Wardrobe to begin with. Definitely check that out if you haven’t already. 

Thank you, Abigail from AbigailGrows for giving me the opportunity to write a piece for your blog. It’s always fun connect with other fellow minimalists in this community. If you are interested in learning more about my journey to minimalism as well as my thoughts on other lifestyle topics, I’d love it if you joined the Mind Beauty Simplicity Family


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6 thoughts on “Guest Post | 10 Things I Don’t Buy To Save Money

  1. I did not buy shaving cream too. I just used my shower gel. Interesting read btw.

  2. Thanks again for the opportunity! I hope your readers enjoy it!

  3. Great post! It is amazing how we can get talked into buying so many unnecessary products. Beauty and cleaning products are probably the worst for this. There are so many out there that we just don’t need. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved reading this, thank you for sharing. It is crazy the unessential things we end up buying because we think we need them and how much we could actually save. I have saved so much since the start of this pandemic as I have realised I don’t need half of the stuff I was buying x

  5. Regarding make-up remover, I use baby oil to remove mascara and I haven’t found anything that works as well. I’m with you on most of these items as well 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (

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